SASSA Status in 2023-24- Now Everything About It!

Checking Your SASSA Status: The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides social grants to millions of South Africans as a form of social assistance. If you have applied for or receive SASSA grants, checking your SASSA status regularly is important to track your application and ensure you receive your grants on time. This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about checking your SASSA status in 2023.

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What is SASSA?

SASSA is a government agency in South Africa that distributes social grants to citizens who qualify. Their goal is to provide services and ensure the right to social security for eligible citizens. SASSA provides the following grants:

  • Old Age Grant
  • Disability Grant
  • Child Support Grant
  • Foster Child Grant
  • Care Dependency Grant
  • Grant-in-Aid
  • Social Relief of Distress Grant

Millions of South Africans rely on these grants as a vital source of income. That’s why checking your SASSA status regularly is crucial.

Why Check Your SASSA Status?

There are several important reasons to check your SASSA status frequently:

  • Track your application status – Check if your grant application has been approved or denied.
  • Check payment dates – Know when your grant money will be paid to avoid late payments.
  • Confirm grant renewal – Make sure your existing grant is renewed for the next cycle.
  • Appeal application decisions – You can submit an appeal if your application is denied. Checking status helps monitor your appeal status.
  • Update personal information – Keep your contact details updated to receive payment notifications.
  • Avoid fraud – Ensuring only you have access to grant payments by monitoring your status.

Checking status regularly allows you to stay updated, get what you’re entitled to, and avoid issues with lapsed grants or payments.

How to Check SASSA Status

There are a few ways to check your SASSA status:

  1. Check Online via SASSA Website

The easiest way to check status is via the official SASSA website or our website. The official portal allows you to login and view your status. Ensure you have your ID number, reference number, and cell phone on hand.

To check via the portal:

  • Go to
  • Click “Login”
  • Enter your ID number, reference number, and cell phone number
  • A OTP will be sent to your cell phone to verify your identity
  • Login and navigate to “My Grants” to view your status

This convenient online system allows you to check your status anywhere, anytime. Be sure to have your login credentials ready.

  1. Call the SASSA Contact Centre

You can also check your status by calling the SASSA contact centre directly. Have your ID and reference numbers on hand when you call.

The toll-free SASSA contact centre numbers are:

  • 0800 601 011
  • 0800 601 012

Call the nearest number and follow the prompts to check on your grant status. An agent can assist if you have any additional questions.

  1. Visit Your Local SASSA Office

Your nearest local SASSA office can also provide status updates. Visit an office in person and request a status update from an agent with your ID and application details. This option is best for those without phone or internet access.

Find your closest office using the office locator tool on the SASSA website. Book an appointment online if needed to avoid long queues. Visiting an office provides in-person assistance.

What to Do If You Have SASSA Status Issues

If you discover issues with your status, there are steps you can take:

  • Appeal the decision – If your application was denied, submit an appeal request. Provide any new supporting documents needed.
  • Update your personal details – If payments are late due to incorrect details, visit an office to update your details.
  • Report lost or stolen cards – Get a new card reissued if yours is lost or stolen to avoid payment issues.
  • Submit a complaint – File a complaint if you suspect fraud or errors. SASSA investigates all complaints.
  • Ask for escalation – Request to speak to a supervisor if an agent cannot resolve your status issue.
  • Contact SASSA on social media – Message SASSA via Facebook or Twitter for assistance if calls are unsuccessful.

Addressing status issues quickly is important to keep receiving your grant payments on time. Report any challenges you face.

Key SASSA Status Definitions

When you check your SASSA status, here are some key terms you may see:

  • Pending – Your application was received and is being processed. Wait for approval.
  • Approved – Your application was accepted and grant awarded. Allow processing time before first payment.
  • Rejected – Your application was denied and not approved. Reasons will be provided.
  • Lapsed – Your grant expired and renewal is needed to continue payments.
  • Under Appeal – Your application was denied and sent for re-evaluation under appeal.
  • Suspended – Grant payments are stopped, often due to missing information. Must be resolved.
  • Terminated – Grant cancelled and payments permanently ended, usually due to eligibility factors.
  • Underway – Grant renewal underway. Allow time for completion.

Being aware of these status definitions will help you understand your status meaning.

Important Status Updates for Specific Grants

Certain grants have unique status updates:

Social Relief of Distress Grant:

  • Payment in progress – SRD payment being processed to bank account.
  • Pending payment – SRD approved and payment will be made when funds received.

Child Support Grant:

  • Pending parent consent – Waiting for consent from child’s parent or guardian.
  • Parent deceased – Parents deceased, consent needed from guardian.

Disability Grant:

  • Medical assessment pending – Waiting for your doctor’s assessment results.
  • Assessment rejected – Medical assessment led to disability grant rejection.

Foster Child Grant:

  • Court order pending – Waiting for court order proving foster care status.
  • Foster placement lapsed – Current foster court order has expired.

Knowing the particular status terms for your specific grant is useful when checking.

Crucial Tips for SASSA Status Checks

Follow these vital tips for smooth status checks:

  • Check status regularly, not just when payments seem late. Being proactive is key.
  • Ensure your personal details are always up to date to avoid access issues and payment delays.
  • Save copies of your status checks and application details for reference.
  • If your status indicates “suspended”, act urgently to resolve it and avoid grant termination.
  • When status checks via mobile app or SMS fail, rather check online or call contact centre.
  • If you qualify for a grant but have not applied, there will be no status, only once you apply.
  • Never share your confidential login credentials or OTP codes with anyone.

Staying on top of your status consistently makes a big difference in ensuring you receive the SASSA benefits you deserve without interruptions.

SASSA Status Updates on Payment Dates

One of the top reasons to check SASSA status is to get updates on your grant payment dates, so you know when to expect the money. Here are tips on checking payment dates:

  • Log in to your SASSA online account, go to “My Grants” and view your grant status. The next payment date is shown.
  • When calling the SASSA contact centre, request the agent to confirm your upcoming payment dates.
  • Visit a SASSA service office and ask an agent to print out a statement showing your payment schedule.
  • The day before monthly payment batch runs, your status may display “payment in progress” indicating payment next day.
  • If you have a SASSA card, check the back of the card which shows the recurring monthly payment date.
  • Beneficiaries get SMS notifications in advance of payment dates as reminders.
  • Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter also post reminders of payment dates.
  • Payment dates vary by grant type. Child grants pay on the 1st of the month, old age grants on the 2nd, etc.
  • Payments take 1-2 days to reflect so allow 3-5 days before reporting non-payment.

By routinely checking your status and payment dates, you can avoid late or missed payments and get your grant funds on time.

How to Appeal a Rejected SASSA Application

If your initial grant application gets rejected, quickly submitting an appeal is crucial. Follow these steps:

  • Login online and download your rejection letter which outlines the reasons why you were denied.
  • Compile new supporting documents, proof, or information that further supports your eligibility.
  • Visit your nearest SASSA office and request an Appeal Application Form or download online.
  • Complete the form providing detailed motivation on why your grant should be approved.
  • Submit the completed appeal form with your new supporting documents to your SASSA office.
  • You can call 0800 601 011 to submit an appeal telephonically if unable to visit an office.
  • Track your appeal status online or via the contact center to monitor progress.
  • If your appeal gets approved, you will receive back-pay for all grant payments from initial application date.

Never simply accept a rejection without appealing, as many are overturned and approved upon further review. Submitting a comprehensive, well-motivated appeal with substantive proof gives you the best chance of success. Monitor your appeal status closely.

Why Maintaining Updated Personal Details is Vital

To check your SASSA status and receive payments, your personal details must be up to date in their system, including:

  • Identification number
  • Recent photograph
  • Current physical address
  • Active cell phone number
  • Banking details

Outdated details can lead to:

  • Difficulty accessing your status online or via cell phone
  • OTP codes sent to wrong phone number
  • Incorrect physical address resulting in payment documents sent astray
  • Payments deposited into old bank accounts

Always keep your details current by:

  • Logging in online and updating details under “My Profile”
  • Visiting your SASSA office with supporting documents to update details
  • Calling the contact center to update details telephonically
  • Replying to periodic SMS review requests from SASSA to validate details

Corrected personal information ensures you can seamlessly check status, receive OTP access codes, and have grant payments deposited into your active bank account.

Avoiding Fraud and Protecting Your SASSA Status Access

Since your SASSA status provides access to grant payments, it’s crucial to avoid fraud by:

  • Never sharing your confidential login credentials or OTP codes received via SMS.
  • Securing your cell phone with a PIN code to restrict access.
  • Monitoring your status regularly and reporting irregular activity.
  • Blocking your SASSA card if lost or stolen and applying for replacement.
  • Keeping grant documentation and SASSA correspondence safe and private.
  • Changing your SASSA portal password periodically.
  • Beware of SMS or email scams requesting personal information to “update your status” – SASSA never does this.
  • When visiting offices, safeguard your ID and personal documents.

By being vigilant and protecting your private details, you can avoid criminals fraudulently accessing your status and payments. Monitor closely and act swiftly if you suspect misuse.

How to Submit a SASSA Complaint

If you experience poor service, payment issues, or suspect fraud, submitting an official complaint is recommended:


  • Login to your account, go to “My Complaint” and complete the online complaint form with full details.


  • Get the complaint submission form from, complete and email to [email protected].


  • Call 0800 601 011 and request to submit a complaint telephonically to the agent.

In Person

  • Visit your nearest SASSA office, obtain a complaint form and submit to an agent.

Once received, your complaint will be investigated and resolved within 90 days. You’ll receive a case number – use this to monitor progress online or via calls. Serious cases can be escalated to SASSA management swiftly.

Effective Ways to Check and Manage Your SASSA Status

Checking your SASSA status regularly and taking proactive steps to manage it is key to ensuring you get the grant you are entitled to. Here are some effective ways to monitor and manage your status:

  • Treat status checks as part of your regular routine, not just when issues arise. Being preventative avoids problems.
  • Note down status updates, payments received, and reference numbers in a book for easy reference later.
  • Set calendar reminders on your phone for tasks like six-monthly grant reviews or renewals to avoid lapsing.
  • Follow SASSA on social media for updates on technical issues, office closures, or payment delays impacting status.
  • If relocating, update your address online or via your SASSA office before moving to prevent payment issues.
  • Maintain a paper file with copies of forms submitted, notifications received, and status check history.
  • If you qualify for a grant but are not receiving payment, checking status and resolving this promptly can recover missed payments via back-pay.
  • Grant a trusted family member limited access to check your status when you are unable to.

Routinely monitoring and smartly managing your SASSA status ensures you always know where you stand and avoids the stress of unexpected grant interruptions.


Checking your SASSA status regularly is vital to keep receiving your social grants without disruption. This guide covers the online, phone, SMS, and in-person channels to monitor your status and payment dates. Proactively updating personal details, appealing rejections, reporting complaints, and avoiding fraud will also keep your status secure. Use the
tips provided to take control of your SASSA status. You can get the most up to date information directly from the SASSA website at

How do I check my SASSA status?

You can check your SASSA status online at or by logging in with your ID number, reference number, and cell phone number. You can also call the SASSA contact centre at 0800 601 011 or visit your nearest SASSA office.

Why is my SASSA status showing as ‘pending’?

If your status is pending, it means your grant application was received by SASSA and is still being processed. Allow time for approval as pending applications are reviewed in date order received.

My SASSA status was rejected – what should I do?

If your application was rejected, you should download the rejection letter which outlines the reason. You can then appeal the decision by submitting a new application with additional supporting documents to SASSA.

I forgot my SASSA online login details – how do I access my status?

If you forgot your login details, you can reset your password online using your ID number. You can also call the SASSA contact centre to reset credentials or visit your nearest office with your ID.

Why is my disability grant status showing as ‘medical assessment pending’?

This means SASSA is awaiting your doctor’s medical assessment report to review your disability grant eligibility. Follow up with your doctor to confirm they have submitted the report to avoid delays.

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