How to Change Your SASSA Banking Details Now

If you receive social grants from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), you may need to update or change your SASSA banking details at some point. For example, if you opened a new bank account, your old account was compromised, or there are issues receiving grant payments into your account.

Luckily, SASSA allows beneficiaries to change bank details in a few easy steps. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to change your banking details with SASSA to ensure your Sassa Check or other social grants are paid into the correct, up-to-date bank account.

When to Change SASSA Banking Details

You may want to change your SASSA banking details if:

  • You opened a new bank account and want grants paid into it instead.
  • Your old bank account was closed or compromised due to fraud.
  • There are consistent issues with grant payments showing in your account.
  • Your account’s branch code or account number changed due to a bank merger or upgrade.
  • You want to switch bank accounts for any personal reason.

Changing banking details with SASSA ensures your Sassa Check or social grants safely reach your account. It also prevents disruptions to grant payments due to outdated or incorrect details.

What Information You Need to Update SASSA Banking Details

To change your banking information with SASSA, you need to provide:

  • Your 13-digit South African ID number
  • Your 8-digit SASSA reference number
  • The new bank name, branch name, branch code and updated account number
  • Your contact cell phone number

This ensures SASSA can accurately verify your identity and link your correct payment information.

Having this information on-hand will simplify the process when it comes time to change your details.

How to Change Banking Details Online

Changing banking information online with SASSA takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Follow these six key steps:

Step 1: Visit the SASSA Online Portal

The SASSA online portal allows you to access many services and manage your SASSA grant account securely online.

To get started, go to the mySASSA portal at:

This is the only legitimate SASSA online portal where you can safely change personal details or check grant information.

Step 2: Login to Your SASSA Account

On the mySASSA homepage, the right-hand sidebar has a “LOGIN” section.

Click on the “Beneficiary Login” button and enter your ID number and SASSA reference number when prompted.

This logs you into your private SASSA grant account safely online.

Step 3: Select “Banking Details”

Once logged in, the main account dashboard displays.

Along the top menu bar, click on “Banking Details”. This will open the section to change banking information.

Step 4: Enter New Bank Account Details

In the Banking Details section, your old bank account details will display.

To change your banking information, simply type into the fields:

  • The new bank name
  • Bank branch name
  • Correct branch code
  • Updated bank account number

Make absolutely sure all details you enter are correct to avoid issues receiving grant payments.

Step 5: Review and Save Changes

Once all the new banking details are captured accurately, click “Update”.

SASSA will then display a review screen. Double check your new details entered are all correct.

If any small changes are still needed, click “Edit”. Otherwise click “Confirm” to officially save your new SASSA banking information.

Step 6: Wait for Notification

After confirming changes, SASSA will display a reference number.

Make a note of this number, then check both your SASSA online account and new bank account frequently over the next 30 days.

Within one month, your grant payments should start showing in the updated bank account once changes are processed.

If you encounter any issues, contact the SASSA call center or your nearest regional office using the reference number.

How to Change Bank Details in Person

If you prefer face-to-face assistance, you can change SASSA banking details at your closest SASSA regional office.

Here is an overview of the in-person process:

Step 1: Gather Relevant Documents

Take your South African ID book, SASSA reference card, and any letters/statements from your new bank confirming account details.

Having required documents readily available makes the process faster.

Step 2: Visit Regional SASSA Office

Find your closest SASSA office location. There are over 400 regional offices across South Africa.

Visit during official working hours from 7:30am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Step 3: Request Banking Detail Change

In the SASSA office, request to update your SASSA banking details for grant payments at the customer services desk.

Explain why you need to change bank accounts and what the new details are.

Step 4: Provide New Bank Account Information

The SASSA consultant will guide you to fill out a Change of SASSA Banking Details form with:

  • Your SASSA ID and reference number
  • Full new bank details – name, branch, code and account number

Make absolutely certain all details provided on the form are 100% correct before signing.

Step 5: Get Notification Reference Number

Once your form is signed, submitted and actioned on their system, the SASSA consultant provides a notification reference number.

Write this important number down and monitor your new bank account closely over the next 30 days.

Within one month, your social grant funds should redirect to your new account once updated.

If they don’t, or if issues occur, use this reference number to follow up directly with SASSA.

Alternative Ways to Update Banking Information

If unable to access the SASSA online portal or visit a regional office, there are two other options to change your account details:

Through Your New Bank

Many major retail banks like FNB, Absa, Nedbank and Standard Bank allow SASSA beneficiaries to update grant payment account details directly through them.

Visit your new bank’s branch and ask about their SASSA banking detail change process and forms.

Via SASSA Call Center

You can also call the SASSA call center directly on their toll-free number 0800 601 011 to request SASSA banking details change.

An agent will guide you through the process telephonically step-by-step.

However, this method does rely more on postal mail notification letters, which could cause delays.

How Long Does It Take to Change Bank Details?

Once you submit a SASSA banking details change request via SASSA’s online portal, office visit, bank, or call centre, processing takes approximately 30 days.

During this time, your first 1-2 grant payments may still go into your old account for the month.

Thereafter, payments should redirect into the new account monthly once updated.

If it has been over 30 days and your grants are not showing as expected, follow up urgently for an update.

Can Someone Else Change My Bank Details?

No, only an SASSA grant holder themselves can change their SASSA banking details. Even close family members do not have authority.

This protects personal information and prevents banking detail fraud or abuse.

If as the grant holder you are unable to access SASSA directly due to hospitalisation, disability etc, contact your regional SASSA office. Explain why someone needs to urgently act on your behalf regarding account changes.

With relevant permissions, they can guide an appointed person through approved channels to update details for you.

Protect Your New SASSA Banking Details

Once your banking information is updated with SASSA, be sure to safeguard it:

  • Don’t share new account or SASSA ID details with anyone, even close family, neighbours etc.
  • Memorise SASSA banking details instead of writing them down where others could find them.
  • Check statements monthly for unfamiliar transactions and report irregular account activity urgently.
  • If your grant stops arriving as expected, contact SASSA promptly to investigate why.

Staying vigilant about account security helps prevent potential fraud or misuse.

Key Takeaways

  • SASSA beneficiaries can change bank details online via the mySASSA portal, in-person at regional offices, directly through their new bank, or by calling the SASSA contact center.
  • To change SASSA banking details, have your 13-digit ID, 8-digit SASSA number and all new bank account details on hand.
  • Confirm details are fully updated within 30 days, otherwise follow up urgently.
  • Never share new SASSA banking details with anyone, even close family, to prevent account misuse.

Ensuring SASSA has your correct, current account information means you continue receiving much-needed social assistance conveniently and securely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take SASSA to change my bank details? 

It takes approximately 30 days for new banking details to be updated on your SASSA account and grant payments to start going into your new account.

Do I have to visit a SASSA office in person to change my banking details? 

No, you can change your SASSA banking details online, through your new bank directly, via the SASSA call centre, or in person at a regional SASSA office.

Can I change my SASSA banking details to a Capitec account? 

Yes, SASSA allows you to update your details and receive grants into a Capitec bank account. Follow the standard process.

What if my new account is with a different bank, do details still take 30 days to update? 

Yes, even if your new bank is different, the 30-day processing timeline still applies when switching SASSA payment accounts.

Will my old SASSA card still work while details change? 

Usually not. Once the new account is updated as your grant payment method, only that new bank card will be affiliated with your SASSA grant funds.

How do I get help if my SASSA banking change never processes properly? 

If your grants are not reflecting as expected 30+ days later, urgently call the SASSA call centre or visit your nearest SASSA office for assistance investigating and resolving the issue.

How does SASSA notify me once banking details are changed? 

You receive a notification with a reference number when changes are confirmed. You can also log into your online SASSA account to check if new details are reflecting there yet.

Is there a penalty if I need to change SASSA banking details often? 

No, you can change your banking details with SASSA whenever genuinely needed or required without penalties – as long as appropriate notice and channels are followed.

Can someone else call SASSA and change SASSA banking details on my behalf? 

No. Only the registered SASSA grant beneficiary has authority to change banking details. However if physically unable, SASSA can guide an formally appointed person.

Where do I find my closest SASSA regional office contact details? 

Visit and enter your town or city to find your closest SASSA office location, address and contact details.

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