Child Support Grant in South Africa: Understand Now!

The Child Support Grant (CSG) is a critical social assistance program from the South African government aimed at alleviating childhood poverty. Managed under the administration of the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), monthly cash payments support eligible caregivers trying to meet basic needs.


This article explains Child Support Grant details like:

  • Who qualifies
  • What documentation you need to apply
  • How much you can expect to receive
  • Payment methods and dates
  • How to check your status online after approval

Read on for valuable guidance regarding this essential welfare program for low-income households.

Who Qualifies for South Africa’s Child Support Grant?

The following criteria determine eligibility for the Child Support Grant:

Child Requirements

  • South African citizen under 18 years old
  • Child resides with primary guardian

Primary Caregiver Requirements

  • South African citizen, permanent resident or refugee parents
  • Single or married – including foster parents or relatives caring for the child
  • Meet income thresholds – Single parents under R48,000 per annum or joint income under R96,000 per annum
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What Documents Are Needed?

When applying, have the following documents ready for submission to SASSA along with your completed application form:

Child Documents Required

  • Certified copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • Certified copy of child’s South African ID document, permit or passport
  • If the father’s details don’t appear on the birth certificate, provide proof of paternity acknowledgement

Primary Caregiver’s Documents Required

  • South African ID document, refugee permit, passport
  • Proof of South African citizenship if foreigner
  • Proof of spousal relation if married
  • 3 months’ bank statements
  • Proof of residence showing cohabitation with the child
  • Child medical records indicating health and disability status
  • Court orders related to fostering, divorce settlements or custody
  • Proof of income, unemployment or receipt of other social assistance

When and How to Apply for the Child Support Grant

Eligible children can start receiving the Child Support Grant from birth up until turning 18 years old. Submit your application as early as possible to maximize assistance.

You can apply using any of the following methods:

  • In-person at your local SASSA office
  • Call the SASSA CSG Contact Centre hotline to apply telephonically
  • Email required documents to your designated SASSA office
  • Online via SASSA’s website using secure login credentials

Booking an appointment ahead of time through SASSA’s Contact Centre assists with prompt processing.

How Much is South Africa’s Child Support Grant?

As of 2023, the amount of Child Support Grant is R480 per eligible child under 18 years old per month.

The total CSG amount received depends on how many children you are registered caregiver for, which can add up substantially.

Pay special attention to:

  • Newborn applications – Must be received within 12 months of birth for full retroactive benefits
  • Payment limits – Maximum threshold is 6 children per household

Child Support Grant payments get adjusted annually alongside other social assistance grants – usually effective 1st April subject to budget speech announcements.

How and When the CSG Gets Paid

Once fully approved, the monthly CSG amount accumulates and releases on the same payment date every month. By default this aligns to the standard SASSA grant payment schedule. These payment cycles occur from the 4th to the 8th of each calendar month.

You can choose to receive your Child Support Grant using:

  • Cash at designated pay points – Via SASSA cash payment card
  • Direct CSG deposits into a personal bank account – Set up EFT with your application

For convenience and security, having Child Support Grants paid electronically into your registered bank account is highly recommended.

How to Check Your CSG Status and Payment Details

You can check your CSG application status, reapply or manage recurring payments all via SASSA’s online portal:

Use your ID number and grant number to securely access your profile and affiliated CSG approvals.

Core details shown for successfully registered children under your care include:

  • Application and status updates
  • Monthly CSG amount
  • Total CSGs owed/in arrears
  • Payment method and related records
  • Payment dates

How to Report Child Support Grant Issues

If payments suddenly stop without reason, amounts change incorrectly or other issues arise – promptly report the matter through the proper channel for fastest resolution:

SASSA CSG Related Issues

  • Call the dedicated Child Support Grant contact centre line: 0800 60 10 11
  • Visit nearest SASSA regional office

Payment or Card Issues

  • Call SASSA card payment support on: 0800 60 01 60
  • Visit your nearest South African Post Office
  • Speak to your bank about rejected EFT transfers


SASSA’s Child Support Grant enables eligible South African children improved access to basic nutrition, healthcare services, educational opportunities and general welfare through monthly cash assistance until they turn 18 years old. This can help lift entire households out of severe poverty.

Ensure your family avails of this essential support by double checking your eligibility. Then use the telephone, email, online or in-person channels to conveniently submit an application or manage recurring grant payments.

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