SASSA SRD Status Check: A Complete Guide for 2023

SASSA SRD Status Check: The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides social grants to eligible South African citizens. One such grant is the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant which provides temporary financial relief to individuals in dire need.


With millions relying on these SRD grants, it’s important for beneficiaries to SRD Status Check of their applications and payments. This comprehensive guide will explain everything you need to know about checking your SASSA SRD status in 2023.

What is the SASSA SRD Grant and How SRD Status Check?

The SASSA Social Relief of Distress grant provides R350 per month to South African citizens who are currently unemployed and do not receive any other social grant or UIF payment. It aims to help those in dire need of immediate financial relief during times of crisis.

The SRD grant was introduced in 2020 at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic but has now been extended to 2024. The requirements to apply for this grant include:

– Being a South African citizen, permanent resident or refugee registered on the Home Affairs database.

– Being unemployed and not receiving any income.

– Not receiving any other social grant.

– Not receiving UIF payments.

– Not being cared for in a state institution.

– Not being receiving a stipend from NSFAS.

– Passing the means test.

The SRD grant is temporary and only valid for the approved period. Recipients need to reapply after the grant lapses to continue receiving payouts.

Why SRD Status Check Regularly?

There are a few key reasons why those who’ve applied for or are receiving the SRD grant should check their status regularly:

Track application status – By checking your status, you can track whether your application has been received, approved, rejected or still being processed. This allows you to follow up if needed.

Ensure receipt of correct grant amount – The status check will reflect the approved grant amount you should receive each month. You can verify you’ve received the right amount.

Detect payment issues – The status overview shows your last few payments. You can check for any missed or delayed payments and contact SASSA to resolve it.

Avoid grant lapses – By monitoring your status, you’ll know when your grant is nearing its expiry date. This gives you time to reapply and avoid a lapse in payments.

Confirm grant extension – If your SRD grant gets extended beyond the initial approval period, the status check will reflect your new grant end date.

Track grant suspensions or cancellations – The status check enables you to monitor if your grant has been suspended due to non-compliance or cancelled entirely by SASSA.

Overall, regularly SRD Status Check enables you to stay up-to-date on your application progress, ensure you receive payouts correctly, detect issues proactively, avoid grant lapses, and track any changes to your grant duration or eligibility.

How to SASSA SRD Status Check

There are a few simple ways to check your SASSA SRD grant status at any time:

1. Via SASSA SRD Status Check SMS

The quickest and easiest way to check your SRD status is via the status check SMS:

  • Obtain your SASSA SRD reference number – This is an 8-digit number issued when you applied.
  • SMS your reference number to 082 046 8553
  • You’ll receive an SMS with your grant status, last 3 payments, end date etc.

This SMS status check is completely free of charge. You can use it to check your status at any time.

2. Through the SASSA SRD WhatsApp Support

SASSA has launched a WhatsApp support line for status checks and queries:

  • Save the SASSA WhatsApp support number – 082 046 8553
  • Send a WhatsApp message to this number with your reference number
  • SASSA will respond with your SRD status via WhatsApp

This offers an easy way to get your status with more detail via WhatsApp messaging.

3. Call the SASSA SRD Call Centre

You can also check your status by calling the SASSA call centre directly and speaking to an agent:

  • Call 0800 601 011 toll-free
  • Provide your ID number and SRD reference number
  • The agent will look up your status on their system
  • They will provide status feedback and information over the phone

Though slower, this enables you to get detailed feedback and ask an agent any questions.

4. Visit your Local SASSA Office

Your nearest local SASSA office can look up your SRD status in-person:

  • Visit your closest SASSA office
  • Take your ID book and SRD reference number
  • Ask an officer to check and provide your status
  • They can print or record your SRD Status Check details

This option allows you to get in-person assistance with any status queries you may have.

5. Log into SASSA SRD Online Portal

If you applied for your SRD grant online via the SASSA online portal, you can also log in to check your status:

  • Go to
  • Enter your SASSA login credentials
  • Navigate to SRD Status Check
  • View your application status, payment details, etc.
  • Checking online gives you full access to your status anytime.
  • Understand Your SASSA SRD Status Check Messages

When you check your SASSA SRD status through any of the above methods, you may receive certain status messages. Here are the common ones and what they mean:

Application Received – Your application was successfully submitted to SASSA and is pending review.

Application In Progress – Your application is still being processed and reviewed by SASSA.

Application Successful – Congratulations, your SRD grant application has been approved!

Application Unsuccessful – Unfortunately your SRD grant application has been rejected and not approved.

Grant Active – Your SRD grant is currently active and you are eligible for payments.

Payment Pending – Your grant is approved but currently pending payment to your bank account.

Last 3 Payments – This shows the amounts and dates of your 3 most recent SRD grant payments.

Grant Expiring Soon – Your current SRD grant period will be expiring soon, prompting you to reapply.

Grant Expired – Your SRD grant has expired and you’ll need to submit a new application.

Grant Cancelled – Your grant was cancelled by SASSA, often due to non-compliance with rules.

Grant Ended – Your grant reached its end date and is no longer active.

Knowing how to interpret these status messages is key to understanding your current SRD grant position and next steps.

Reasons for SASSA SRD Grant Problems

While the SRD status check enables you to monitor your grant, you may also discover certain problems and issues with your grant. Here are some common reasons for SRD grant issues along with steps to resolve them:

Application Issues

  • Application rejected – Your application may be rejected if you don’t meet the SRD eligibility criteria or fail the means test. You can reapply or appeal the decision by visiting your SASSA office. Ensure you meet all the requirements before reapplying.
  • Missing or incorrect documents – Your application may be rejected if you submitted incomplete documents or copies that don’t match Home Affairs records. Use the checklist to ensure you submit complete, accurate copies needed.
  • Long application delays – If your application is delayed for over 2-3 months, follow up at your SASSA office. Long delays are often due to missing documents or details.

Payment Issues

  • Late or missed payments – If payments are consistently delayed or missed, contact the SRD call centre. Update your banking details, reverify them and confirm there are no administrative issues.
  • Incorrect amount paid – If the amount paid doesn’t match the approved R350, log a query with SASSA for investigation and correction.
  • Banking details not updated – Your payments may be delayed if your banking details are outdated or you changed banks. Visit SASSA to update your account details.
  • Bank rejecting payments – Bank errors can sometimes reject SRD grants. Follow up with your bank and provide the correct account details to SASSA.

Grant Suspensions and Cancellations

  • Grant suspended – Not complying with grant rules or failing reassessments may lead to suspensions. Appeal the decision by clarifying your circumstances or providing additional documents to SASSA.
  • Grant cancelled – Grants could be cancelled if you no longer meet the eligibility criteria, were able to find employment or failed to comply with requirements. You will have to reapply if your circumstances change again.
  • Grant lapsed – SRD grants are temporary. If your grant lapses, simply reapply if you still require financial relief.

Other Issues – SRD Status Check

  • Status not updated – If your status doesn’t reflect approval despite getting payments, contact SASSA to update it.
  • Errors on status – Any incorrect personal details, payment amounts or statuses must be reported to SASSA to fix.
  • Fraudulent claims – If someone has fraudulently claimed an SRD grant in your name, notify SASSA immediately and submit an affidavit.

By being aware of the various SRD grant problems and their solutions, you can proactively fix any issues that arise through the SRD Status Check.

Easy SRD Status Check Tips

Here are some handy tips for using the SASSA SRD status check effectively:

– Save the status check SMS number and WhatsApp support line in your phone

– Set a monthly reminder to SRD Status Check on the same date

– Take a screenshot when checking via SMS or WhatsApp to retain status records

– Follow up unresolved issues within 7 days before the trail gets cold

– Update your details proactively whenever anything changes

– Familiarize yourself with the common status messages and their meanings

– Use free methods like SMS or WhatsApp to SRD Status Check frequently

– Visiting a branch is best for complex new applications or issues 

– Call the contact centre for urgent investigations requiring detailed discussion


The SASSA SRD grant provides a vital lifeline to South Africans in need during difficult times. The ability to easily check your status ensures you remain informed and in control of your grant. Whether checking via SMS, WhatsApp, calls, online or in-person, be sure to monitor your status regularly. This will help detect and resolve any issues promptly, avoid grant lapses, and guarantee you get the payments you need. Being empowered with status check information places the power in your hands.

You can check your SASSA SRD grant status easily anytime using the various options covered here. Know your current SRD Status Check today!

How do I check the status of my SASSA SRD application?

You can check your SRD application status by SMS, WhatsApp, calling the SASSA helpline, visiting your nearest SASSA office, or logging into the online portal if you applied online. Just provide your ID number and SRD reference number to get your current status.

I applied for the SRD grant but have heard nothing. What should I do?

If it’s been over 2 months and your application is still pending, follow up at your nearest SASSA office. Long delays usually mean documents are missing or there are issues with your application. Visiting in-person will help resolve this.

Why is my SRD grant status still showing as approved even though my payments have stopped?

This usually happens when your grant has lapsed but the status was not updated. Contact SASSA to investigate why your payments stopped and update your status accordingly. You may need to reapply if your grant period ended.

How do I know if my SRD grant has been suspended?

Checking your status regularly will show if your grant is suspended due to non-compliance with rules or eligibility criteria. You can then appeal the suspension by providing any new information to SASSA.

I lost my SRD reference number. How can I still check my status?

You can check your status by calling the SASSA helpline or visiting your nearest office. Provide your ID number and they can look up your SRD application status without the reference number.

Why is my SRD status showing as rejected after I was receiving payments?

This usually happens when SASSA reviews your eligibility and finds you no longer qualify. Reasons could include finding employment, exceeding the income threshold or not complying with grant requirements.

How do I update my status if my banking details changed?

Visit your nearest SASSA office with your new bank account evidence and information. Ask them to update your details so future SRD payments go to the correct account.

Why are my SRD payments less than R350 every month?

If the status check shows you’ve been approved for R350 but are getting less, log a query with SASSA. This usually happens due to administrative errors which they need to investigate and fix.

I changed my address. How do I update it with SASSA for my SRD grant?

Submit your new address details along with proof at your nearest SASSA office. Changing your address ensures you continue receiving any SRD communication and grant letters.

My SRD grant expired 3 months ago. Can I still get the back-pay if I reapply?

Unfortunately, SRD grants are only paid for the approved period. If your grant expired 3 months ago, reapplying now will only commence new payments. You won’t receive back-pay for the 3 month lapsed period.

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