Disability Grant: All About South Africa’s Grant Now

The Disability Grant is a key form of social relief provided by the South African government for qualifying citizens with health conditions severely impacting their ability to be financially independent through regular employment.

Administered by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), this article details crucial information related to eligibility criteria, required documents for applying, monthly grant amounts, payment methods and more regarding this essential financial assistance program for people living with disabilities.


Who Qualifies for South Africa’s Disability Grant?

To qualify for receipt of South Africa’s monthly Disability Grant, applicants must meet the following eligibility conditions:

Citizenship/Residency Criteria

  • South African citizen, permanent resident or refugee with valid permit

Age Criteria

  • Between 18 and 59 years old

Medical Criteria

  • Medically confirmed permanent, severe disability
  • Mental or physical condition preventing ability to work

Income Threshold Criteria

  • Not earning more than R79 560 annually if single

Asset Threshold Criteria

  • Single applicants with assets below R1 227 600 threshold

Additional Criteria

  • Not receiving another social grant for yourself
  • Unemployed
  • Not cared for or maintained in state institution


  • Disability grants for children under 18 years old are covered separately under Care Dependency Grants
  • People over age 59 with disability qualify for the Older Person’s Grant

What Medical Reports are Needed When Applying?

Since eligibility revolves around medically confirmed proof of a severe disability, the main documents required when applying involve detailed medical assessments and reports from your doctors, specialists and treating health professionals.

Specifically, the Disability Grant application requires submitting the following medical reports:

  • General Practitioner Report – Confirming disability
  • Specialist Report – Confirming disability (e.g from Neurologists, Pediatricians etc)
  • Chronic Health Condition Report – Only certain conditions automatically qualify.

These need to clearly illustrate the diagnosis, severity, treatments to date and crucially, how the permanent disability indefinitely prevents you from being able to independently earn any income.

Ongoing submission of updated follow-up medical reports is also required whenever SASSA requests new assessments during the disability grant review processes.

What is the Monthly Value of the Disability Grant?

The monthly monetary value of South Africa’s Disability Grant as of 2023 is:

R1,980 per month

This amount generally aligns with adjustments made to other social assistance grants each year based on budget speech changes and living costs.

How and When Are Payments Made?

Like pension payments and other welfare grants, Disability Grant amounts get paid on the same monthly schedule into your chosen bank account.

By default, disability grant payment dates occur between the 1st and the 7th day of each calendar month.

You can select to receive funds via:

  • Electronic bank transfer
  • Cash at designated pay points
  • SASSA card with embedded monthly grant credits

For security and reliability, having your monthly Disability Grant directly deposited into your registered bank account via EFT is recommended.

How to Check Status and Manage Disability Grant Online

SASSA provides an online self-service portal enabling approved Disability Grant beneficiaries to conveniently:

  • Check application status
  • View monthly payments
  • Access payment statements
  • Change bank details
  • Report grant card issues
  • Download medical reporting forms
  • Update personal details

Check SASSA Status via: https://online-sassa-status-check.co.za/

Use your ID number and grant number to securely login and access affiliated services.

When Does Disability Grant Funding Stop?

As long as the required medical reports get submitted confirming your ongoing disability preventing employment – the grant funds remain payable on a long term basis.

However, eligibility ends should any of the following occur:

  • Reaching age 60 (migrate to Older Person’s Grant)
  • Supported employment earning over threshold
  • Asset value growth exceeding limits
  • Death of the beneficiary
  • Failure to submit updated medical assessments
  • Improvement in health condition and ability to work

How Can I Appeal if My Application Gets Declined?

Should your initial Disability Grant application get rejected, follow this appeal process:

1. Request the formal rejection letter stating exact reasons your application failed. Common reasons involve insufficient medical reports related to severity, permanence or treatment plans.

2. Gather the revised additional medical evidence required to address the gaps identified in the rejection justification.

3. Resubmit improved application with the new doctor reports and forms answering the declined criteria.

This typically leads to successful reassessment and approval.


The Disability Grant remains a crucial lifeline for providing income stability to South Africans whose health situations prevent conventional employment required for financial independence. Understanding the eligibility criteria, evidentiary requirements and administration process empowers those in need to accurately apply for and leverage these essential support funds.

Check your potential eligibility and utilize the streamlined online services for convenient access to information and efficient grant management.

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