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Applying for (SASSA) South Africa’s Social Assistance Grants can be a lengthy process. After submitting your application, you may be wondering about the status and when you can expect to receive your grant payment. Thankfully, there are ways to check the status of your SASSA grant application online or by phone. This comprehensive guide will explain how to check your application status through the official channels.


Introduction to SASSA and Social Grants in South Africa

The South African Social Security Agency is responsible for managing and distributing social assistance grants to eligible citizens. These grants help support low-income households and vulnerable groups like the elderly, disabled, and children.

SRD Status Check

The main social grant types issued by South African Social Security Agency include:

  • Old Age Grant – For men and women over 60 years old
  • Disability Grant – For disabled citizens unable to work
  • Child Support Grant – For parents/guardians of children under 18
  • Care Dependency Grant – For children with disabilities needing full-time care
  • Foster Child Grant – For foster parents taking care of children through the court
  • War Veterans Grant – For citizens disabled during military service

Millions of South Africans rely on these social grants as a vital source of income. The application process involves submitting forms, documents and undergoing assessments to confirm eligibility. Applicants then anxiously await the outcome and payment of their approved grant. Thankfully, modern systems make it possible to check the status online.

Why Check Your Application Status?

There are several important reasons to check your grant application status:

  • Track progress – Application processing can take over 8 weeks. Checking the status lets you track where your application is in the review process.
  • Confirm approval – Once approved, you can confirm payment will be issued and when you can expect it. This helps with planning finances.
  • Identify issues – If your application is rejected or more information is needed, you can see this early and address it.
  • Avoid delays – Monitoring your status can help avoid unnecessary delays in the approval process. You can stay updated on any required actions.
  • Plan transport – Know when you will need to visit the South African Social Security Agency office or arrange transport for your first grant payment.
  • Peace of mind – Regular status checks provide reassurance and peace of mind during the anxious wait for grant approval.

Checking your application status provides important visibility into the review process and can alert you to any potential issues early on.

Ways to Check SASSA Application Status

South African Social Security Agency provides a few options for checking the status of your social grant application:

1. Check Online via South African Social Security Agency Website

The easiest way to check your status is online via the official SASSA website:

  • Visit and click on “Application Status”
  • Enter your ID number and mobile number used during application
  • Select the grant type you applied for
  • Click “Search” to see the real-time status of your application

The online system will display key details like application date, stage of processing, outcome, and reasons if rejected.

2. Check via WhatsApp

SASSA also offers a WhatsApp based solution for checking status:

  • Save the SASSA WhatsApp number 082 046 8553 to your phone
  • Send a message via WhatsApp with your ID number and grant type
  • An automated response will provide your application status details

This offers a convenient way to get status updates right from your phone.

3. Call the SASSA Call Center

You can also check your application status by calling the SASSA call center at:

  • Toll Free Number: 0800 601 011
  • Call Center Hours: 7am to 4pm Monday to Friday

An agent will look up your application in the system and relay the current status and details. Have your ID number ready when you call.

4. Visit Your Local SASSA Office

Your nearest SASSA office can look up your application status in their system. Simply visit during working hours and request an update from the admin officers. Be sure to carry your ID and application details.

This option allows you to engage directly with SASSA staff and get answers to any questions you may have.

Understanding Key SASSA Application Statuses

As you check your SASSA grant application status through the official channels, here are some of the key statuses you may encounter:

  • Received – Your application has been submitted and registered in the SASSA system for review.
  • Pending Verification – Your details and eligibility are still being verified by SASSA case workers.
  • Awaiting Supporting Documents – Additional forms, proof of income or other documents are needed from you to proceed.
  • Medical Assessment – You may need to undergo a medical evaluation of your disability to assess grant eligibility.
  • Approved – Congratulations, your grant application has been approved! Expect payment on your given date.
  • Rejected – Unfortunately your grant application did not meet eligibility criteria and has been rejected.
  • Closed – Your grant has been discontinued due to death, failure to review or fraud.

Knowing the meaning of these statuses will help you better interpret the feedback when checking your SASSA application progress.

Next Steps If Your Grant Application is Rejected

Receiving rejection can be disappointing after an intensive SASSA grant application process. Common reasons for rejection include:

  • Failing means test for income thresholds
  • Not meeting age, disability or care dependency eligibility
  • Errors or incomplete information on your application
  • Failure to submit supporting documents

If your application is rejected, SASSA should provide the exact reasons. You have the right to appeal the decision within 90 days by:

  • Gathering the necessary documents or evidence you are missing
  • Filling out a SASSA appeals form
  • Submitting the appeal at your nearest local office
  • Attending reassessments or interviews if requested

With valid grounds for appeal and good preparation, many rejected applicants successfully overturn the initial rejection. Be sure to closely monitor your appeal’s status as well.

Avoiding Delays and Issues When Checking Status

Keep the following points in mind when checking the status of your SASSA grant application:

  • Allow 8 weeks processing time before checking – applications take time to review.
  • Be sure of the exact grant type you applied for – statuses are specific for each grant.
  • Have your ID number handy – this is required to access your status.
  • If status shows pending, wait 1-2 weeks before rechecking.
  • Ensure you submit any requested supporting documents promptly.
  • Return missed calls from SASSA case workers as soon as possible.
  • Keep your contact information and mobile number updated in their system.

Following up promptly on requests for information and addressing issues early will help avoid unnecessary delays to your application.

Can Someone Else Check Status on Your Behalf?

If you are unable to check your SASSA status yourself, it is possible to send someone else on your behalf. They will need:

  • A copy of your barcoded ID smart card
  • Signed permission or affidavit allowing them to access your information
  • Your SASSA reference number
  • Details of the grant type applied for

With these credentials, an authorized representative can check on your behalf via the website, WhatsApp, call center or local office. Just remember to get written confirmation of the outcome from them.

When to Expect Your First SASSA Grant Payment

Once approved, your first SASSA grant payment will be available from your declared pay-point on the approved date. This could be:

  • Direct bank transfer on the given date
  • At a local SASSA office pay-point on the specified day
  • Through a contracted retailer’s point of sale device

Be sure to have suitable identification and documentation when collecting your first payment. For bank transfers, allow 3 days from the payment date. Arrange transportation if needed.

Expect regular monthly payments thereafter on the standard payment dates set per grant type. You can contact SASSA for the scheduled payment calendar.


Checking the status of your SASSA grant application is important to monitor progress, avoid delays and plan your finances. This can easily be done via the secure online portal, WhatsApp, call center or local office with just your ID number and grant details. Understanding the meaning of each status code will also help you interpret feedback.

Be sure to respond promptly to any requests for more information. If your application is initially rejected, filing an appeal within 90 days provides another chance at approval. With modern online systems, you no longer need to visit SASSA offices in person to check your status.

Keeping up to date will provide peace of mind that your application is receiving attention during the lengthy processing period. Within 8-12 weeks, you could have approval confirmation allowing you to finally access your rightful social assistance grant payments.

You can check your SASSA application status online at this website:

What is SASSA?

SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) is a government agency that provides social grants to eligible South African citizens.

What is the SRD grant?

The SRD (Social Relief of Distress) grant is a temporary grant provided by SASSA to unemployed individuals who are in dire need of financial assistance. It was introduced in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who qualifies for the SRD grant?

To qualify for the SRD grant, you must be a South African citizen, permanent resident or refugee between the ages of 18-59. You must be unemployed and not receiving any other social grant. Your household income must also fall below a certain threshold.

What is the R350 grant?

The R350 grant is the monthly amount provided by the SRD program. Eligible individuals receive R350 per month through the SRD grant.

How do I apply for SRD or R350 grant?

You can apply online at or visit your nearest SASSA office. You will need your ID, proof of unemployment, and bank details to apply.

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