How Sassa Grant Will Be Paid

How Sassa Grant Will Be Paid: The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is responsible for the administration and payment of social grants in South Africa. Millions of South Africans rely on these social grants, like the Sassa grant, as a vital source of income. If you qualify and have applied for a Sassa grant, you may be wondering exactly how and when you will receive this essential money.

Eligibility for Sassa Grants

Before explaining how the Sassa grant is paid, it’s important to understand if you are eligible for this financial assistance in the first place. Sassa grants are available to South African citizens and permanent residents who meet specific criteria related to income, assets, and the ability to work. Some of the main Sassa grants include:

  • Old age grant: For South Africans over 60 years old who meet income and asset requirements
  • Disability grant: For South Africans with a confirmed medical disability that prevents them from working
  • Child support grant: For the primary caregivers of eligible children under the age of 18
  • Foster child grant: For foster parents taking care of children via the court system

How and When Sassa Grants Are Paid

If you qualify and have an approved Sassa grant application, you need to choose a payment method for receiving your monthly funds. Sassa offers two main options:

1. Cash Pay Points

  • You can physically collect your Sassa grant each month from designated, secure cash pay points around the country
  • Cash pay points allow you to get your money in-person without needing a bank account
  • You will need your Sassa card and accredited fingerprint to collect cash at your chosen pay point location

2. Bank Account Direct Deposit

  • Alternatively, your Sassa grant funds can be deposited directly into a personal bank account each month
  • This option eliminates trips to the pay point to fetch funds
  • The money will be automatically available in your chosen bank account around the 3rd to the 7th of each month

No matter which payment method you select, signing up for Sassa grant fund SMS notifications is highly recommended. You will then receive a monthly SMS notifying you when the money has been paid into your account or is available for collection.

Managing Your Sassa Grant Responsibly

Around 10 million South Africans depend on Sassa grants to afford basic living expenses. If you qualify and receive this essential money, be sure to budget responsibly so the funds last each month. Avoid spending the money on any illegal activities, as this can compromise your grant eligibility going forward.

Understanding exactly how Sassa grants are paid each month eliminates some of the uncertainty around accessing this vital income. If you have additional questions around Sassa grant eligibility, application status or payment methods, visit your nearest Sassa office or call the Sassa contact center for assistance.

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