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Being a foster parent and raising a child who needs protection is an admiral yet demanding task. The monthly Foster Care Grant from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) assists by offering financial support. If you’ve applied to get this essential assistance, here is how to check your SASSA foster grant status online in 2024.


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Who Exactly Qualifies for the Foster Care Grant?

As per the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), the Foster Child Grant is available for foster parents based on the following:

  • You have a court order indicating a foster child is legally placed in your custody
  • You care for the child within your household
  • The foster child is between 0-18 years old
  • You meet income thresholds for eligibility
  • Both you and the foster child reside in South Africa

These conditions are aligned to the broader child protection goals of the foster care system. The regular grant supports covering costs while raising foster children unable to remain with biological parents.

Why Should Foster Parents Check SASSA Status Regularly?

Frequently checking up on your SASSA foster grant status after applying lets you:

  • Monitor processing stages of your application
  • Rapidly detect and resolve any missing document issues
  • Avoid unnecessary delays in approval and initial payment
  • Estimate the likely timeline before receiving funds
  • Quickly submit any additional papers requested by SASSA

Following up regularly minimizes the risk of accidental rejection or lapses before approval.

How to Check SASSA Foster Care Grant Status in 2024

You can monitor your application progress using three simple methods:

1. Check Online via SASSA SRD Portal

The quickest way to check status is through the SRD Portal. Provide your ID and phone number entered during application for verification.

2. Telephonically Via SASSA Contact Center

Call 0800 60 10 11 and select prompt 5 for grants enquiry. Have your original barcoded ID ready to check status over the call.

3. Visit Your Local SASSA Regional Office

Your nearest SASSA office can assist to lookup and inform your latest status in-person if you visit them directly.

Understanding Possible Status Labels

When checking, your foster care grant status may reflect as:

  • Pending/Screening – Initial stage after application is captured
  • Work in Progress – Undergoing assessment
  • Awaiting Supporting Docs – Further documents needed from you
  • Invalid – Incomplete forms, errors, missing proofs or verifications
  • Approved – Congratulations! Your application was successful
  • Rejected – Unfortunately deemed ineligible
  • Payment Processing – Finalizing your grant setup
  • Paid/Active – Monthly funds started crediting

Turnaround Timeline from Application to Approval

By regulations, foster care grants should be processed by SASSA within a maximum of 30 working days from a complete application.

However, the actual turnaround duration can vary depending on:

  • Capacity and workload at the processing SASSA office
  • How fast you submit any additionally requested papers
  • Provincial foster care backlogs and application queues

Tips for Hassle-free Online Approval

To ease your chances of quick approval, be sure to:

  • Complete the application fully and accurately
  • Cooperate promptly if SASSA seeks any information or clarification
  • Check your status online regularly across channels
  • Inform SASSA immediately regarding any contact detail changes


We hope this guide gives you clarity on easily checking your SASSA foster grant application status online through the multiple channels suggested. Tracking your progress regularly can help detect and resolve any issues early. This ensures you get approved and start receiving your rightful monetary assistance to support your foster child as soon as possible in 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for the Foster Care Grant in South Africa?

The Foster Care Grant is available to adults who are appointed legal foster parents by the Children’s Court to care for children under 18 years old who are placed in their custody. You must have a valid court order.

How much is the monthly Foster Care Grant?

Currently, the Foster Care Grant monthly amount is R1,070 per eligible foster child. This amount may change year to year in the annual budget speech.

How long does the Foster Care Grant application process take?

By law, SASSA must finalize Foster Care Grant applications within 30 working days. However, it can vary based on the capacity of the processing office and your response time if they request additional documents.

Can I check my SASSA Foster Care Grant application status online?

Yes, you can check your status online via the SASSA SRD Portal, telephonically via the call center, directly at your nearest SASSA office, or through your own SASSA SRD account if already registered.

For how long can I receive the Foster Care Grant per child?

You can receive the Foster Care Grant allowance each month for every foster child legally placed in your care from the date of court order until they reach 18 years old. Extensions are possible till age 21 under certain conditions.

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