Understanding SRD Sassa Appeals, Payment Dates, and M0re

This article provides comprehensive guidance on SRD Sassa appeals, including the step-by-step appeals procedure, timelines, payment schedules, and reapplying after rejection. Learn how to successfully appeal your rejected Sassa grant application, check your status online, and get the help you need.


SRD Sassa Appeals Overview

If your Sassa grant application is rejected, you have the right to appeal the decision. Reasons your application may be denied include:

  • Insufficient documents provided
  • Income above threshold
  • Being unable to work but not permanently disabled

The most common Sassa grants that applicants appeal are:

  • Old Age Grant
  • Disability Grant
  • Child Support Grant
  • Care Dependency Grant
  • Foster Child Grant

You can also appeal decisions to discontinue your existing Sassa grant payments. This often happens if you fail to reconfirm your grant annually.

The good news is that the SRD Sassa appeals process is free and available to all applicants.

SRD Sassa Appeal
SRD Sassa Appeal

How to Appeal a Rejected Sassa Application

Follow these steps to appeal a rejected Sassa grant application:

1. Request an Application Query Form

Visit your nearest Sassa office and request an Application Query Form. This allows Sassa to review your file and the reasons for rejection.

2. Receive a Query Form Response

Sassa will review your Query Form and respond with the outcome. If they uphold the rejection, you can move forward with a formal appeal.

3. Submit a Notice of SRD Sassa Appeal Form

Obtain a Notice of Appeal Form from your local Sassa office. Fill it out with details on why their decision should be overturned. Submit the completed Notice of Appeal Form.

4. Await Appeal Hearing Date

Sassa will send you a letter with the date for your appeal hearing. This is typically within 90 days of submitting your appeal.

5. Attend Hearing and Provide Evidence

Attend your scheduled appeal hearing. Bring any additional documents or evidence to support overturning the decision. Verbally state your case for approval.

6. Receive Appeal Outcome

Sassa will make a final decision after your hearing. You will receive a letter informing you if your grant application appeal was successful.

SRD Sassa Appeal Timelines

The SRD Sassa appeal process can take some time. Here are the typical timeframes:

  • Application Query Form: 30 day response time
  • Notice of Appeal: Hearing within 90 days of submission
  • Appeal Outcome Letter: 60 days after hearing

Track your appeal closely and follow up if Sassa does not respond by these deadlines. Persistence is key!

Sassa Grant Payment Dates 2023

If approved, your grant will be paid according to the Sassa payment dates. Here is an overview of the monthly payment schedule:

  • Older Person’s Grant: Paid on 3rd of each month
  • Disability Grant: Paid on the 3rd through 7th of each month
  • All other Grants: Paid from the 1st through the 7th of each month

Payments are made electronically into your Sassa card account. You can access the funds via ATM, retailers, or other approved channels.

When to Reapply for a Sassa Grant

If your appeal is ultimately unsuccessful, you may reapply for your Sassa grant in the future. However, you need to wait the specified period before your new application will be considered:

  • Old Age Grant: 12 months
  • Disability Grant: 6 months
  • Child Support Grant: 3 months
  • Foster Child Grant: No waiting period

Be sure you have new documentation and information to strengthen your case before reapplying. Consult with your local Sassa office for guidance.

Sassa R350 Grant Overview and Appeal Process

The R350 Sassa Grant provides temporary monthly assistance for unemployed South Africans with no other income. You must reapply and requalify for this relief grant every few months.

When your R350 application is rejected, follow the standard appeals process:

  • Complete Application Query Form
  • Submit Notice of Appeal if rejection upheld
  • Attend hearing to state your case

Common reasons for R350 rejection and points to cover in your appeal:

  • Income threshold exceeded – demonstrate your lack of other income
  • ID document issues – provide new copies or clarification
  • Missed reapplication deadline – cite extenuating circumstances

With a successful appeal, your R350 grant payments can resume. Just be sure to reconfirm your eligibility on schedule.

Checking the Status of Your SRD Sassa Appeal

It is easy to check your appeal status via SMS or online:

  • SMS Status Check: Send an SMS with your ID number to 31646 (R1 fee per SMS)
  • Online Status Check: Visit the Sassa Online Portal and enter your ID and reference number

Through these channels you can see your latest appeal updates and hearing details. Be sure to proactively follow up if your appeal is delayed.


The SRD Sassa appeal and reapplication process helps ensure all eligible South Africans can access critical social grants. While rejections can be discouraging, proper appeals allow your case to be reconsidered. With persistence and the right evidence, many initially denied applicants successfully get approved.

This guide covered the full appeals procedure, typical timelines, payment schedules, R350 grant specifics, and status checking options. For hands-on help applying, appealing, or reapplying for Sassa grants, visit your local Sassa office. Patiently navigate the process and do not lose hope if your first application is denied.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to qualify for a Sassa grant?

To qualify you must be a South African citizen or permanent resident and fall within the means test for income and assets. Specific criteria applies for each grant type.

How long does a SRD Sassa appeal take?

The full appeal process can take 3-6 months from submitting the initial Application Query to receiving the final appeal outcome.

Can I check the status of my SRD Sassa appeal online?

Yes, you can check your appeal status by SMS or online via the Sassa Online Portal.

What should I do if my Sassa grant payment is late?

First confirm the payment was not made into your Sassa card account. If so, visit your local office to resolve the late payment issue.

How often do I need to reconfirm my Sassa disability grant?

Disability grants require reconfirmation every 1-5 years depending on your medical assessment. You will receive a reconfirmation letter from Sassa.

Can I appeal the cancellation of my disability grant?

Yes, you can appeal if your existing disability grant is discontinued by following the standard appeals process.

What is the waiting period to reapply after a rejected appeal?

Waiting periods are 12 months for Old Age, 6 months for Disability, and 3 months for Child Support.

How do I appeal a rejected R350 grant application?

Follow the same appeals steps – submit a Query Form and then a Notice of Appeal if the rejection is upheld.

Where can I find the application forms to appeal my Sassa rejection?

The Application Query and Notice of SRD Sassa Appeal forms are available at your nearest local Sassa office.

What evidence should I provide for my SRD Sassa appeal hearing?

Bring any documents, doctor letters, bank statements or other information that supports overturning the rejection.

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