SASSA Grants: Social Grant Payment Dates for May 2024

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has announced the payment dates for social grants in May 2024. Beneficiaries of the various grants can expect to receive their funds on the following dates:

Older Persons’ Grants Recipients of the Older Persons’ Grant, commonly known as the Old Age Grant, will receive their payments on Thursday, 3 May 2024. This grant is intended for South African citizens or permanent residents aged 60 years and above, who meet the prescribed means test criteria.

Disability Grants Payments for the Disability Grant will be made on Sunday, 6 May 2024. This grant is designed to provide financial assistance to individuals who are unable to work due to a mental or physical disability, as certified by a medical practitioner.

Children’s Grants The payment date for the Children’s Grants, including the Child Support Grant and the Foster Child Grant, is scheduled for Monday, 7 May 2024. These grants aim to support the care and well-being of children in need, with the Child Support Grant targeting biological and legally adopted children, and the Foster Child Grant catering to children placed in foster care.

Payment Methods Beneficiaries can receive their grant payments through different channels, including electronic funds transfer (EFT) into their bank accounts, or via cash payments at designated SASSA pay points or retail outlets affiliated with the agency’s service providers.

It is important for grant recipients to ensure that their personal and banking details are up-to-date with SASSA to avoid any delays or issues with the payment process.

SASSA encourages beneficiaries to regularly check their official website or contact their local SASSA office for any updates or changes to the payment schedule.

The social grant system in South Africa plays a crucial role in providing financial support to vulnerable groups, including the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and children from low-income households. Timely and efficient distribution of these grants is essential for promoting social welfare and alleviating poverty in the country.

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