best way to contact sassa to report a payment glitch

The best way to contact SASSA to report a payment glitch is through the following channels:

  1. Online Complaint Form: Visit the SASSA website and click on “Contact Us” to access the online complaint form. This form allows you to lodge complaints and provide relevant details about the payment glitch.
  2. Fraud Report Form: If the payment glitch is related to grant fraud, you can use the fraud report form available on the SASSA website. This form allows you to report grant corruption anonymously and provide a comprehensive account of the fraudulent activity.
  3. Send Us a Message Form: For general inquiries and questions, you can use the “Send Us a Message” form on the SASSA website. This form allows you to provide your details and a brief description of the payment glitch.
  4. Toll-free Number and Regional Office Details: You can also contact SASSA through their toll-free number or visit your closest local SASSA office in person during working hours. Explain your issue to the Customer Service Officer for assistance.

By using these channels, you can ensure that your payment glitch is reported and addressed by SASSA promptly, allowing you to access the support you are entitled to.

Ruth Arendse

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