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SRD Status Check: The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides social grants to over 18 million South Africans through its Social Relief of Distress (SRD) program. With the SRD grant, SASSA aims to provide temporary financial relief to individuals and households facing undue hardship. If you’ve applied for the SRD grant, you can check the status of your application online using SASSA’s portal.


This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about checking your SRD grant status online. We’ll cover:

  • What is the SRD grant?
  • Who qualifies for the SRD grant?
  • How to apply for the SRD grant
  • How to check your SRD application status online
  • Understanding the different SRD application statuses
  • What to do if your SRD application is rejected
  • When to expect your SRD grant payment
  • SRD grant payment dates
  • How to provide your bank details for SRD grant payment
  • SRD grant balance and usage
  • How to report issues with your SRD grant

What is the SRD Grant?

The Social Relief of Distress grant provides temporary financial assistance to individuals and households in dire need. It aims to help those unable to meet their family’s most basic needs due to poverty, unemployment, sickness, disability, and other difficulties.

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The SRD grant provides a monthly amount of R350 per eligible person for an approved period. It serves as a temporary safety net while individuals get back on their feet.

Who Qualifies for the SRD Grant?

To qualify for the SRD grant, you must:

  • Be a South African citizen, permanent resident, or refugee registered on the Home Affairs database
  • Live in South Africa
  • Be above 18 years old
  • Be unemployed and not receiving any other social grant
  • Not have earned any income above the threshold in the means test
  • Pass the means test assessing your financial situation
  • Not be maintained or cared for in a state institution
  • Not be receiving another social grant for yourself or on behalf of your child
  • Not be receiving UIF payments
  • Be unable to provide for your family’s most basic needs

You’ll also need to provide proof of identity, unemployment status, and other supporting documents with your SRD application.

How to Apply for the SRD Grant

You can apply for the SRD grant online, by visiting your nearest SASSA office, or through outreach programs in communities.

Here are the steps to apply online:

  1. Go to the SASSA website’s SRD online application page.
  2. Click on “Apply Online” and then select “Apply for SRD.”
  3. Log in using your ID number and date of birth or your SASSA card number and pin code.
  4. Complete all required fields in the online SRD application form.
  5. Upload or take photos of your supporting documents. This includes ID, proof of banking details, proof of residence, etc.
  6. Submit your application and record your SRD application reference number.

After applying, you’ll need to complete a compulsory interview at your nearest SASSA office. This verifies your details and determines your eligibility through a means test.

SRD Status Check for Application Online

You can check the status of your SRD application through SASSA’s online portal. This lets you track where your application is in the approval process.

Here are the steps to check SRD status online:

  1. Go to the SRD Status Check page.
  2. Log in using your ID number and date of birth or your SASSA card number and SASSA pin code.
  3. Your SRD application status will be displayed.
  4. If prompted, enter your cell phone number to receive your SRD status via SMS.

Understanding SRD Application Statuses

When you check your SRD status online, you’ll see one of the following statuses:

  • PENDING DOCUMENT VERIFICATION: Your application is received but still needs supporting documents to be verified.
  • DOCUMENT VERIFICATION IN PROGRESS: SASSA is currently verifying your supporting documents.
  • DOCUMENT VERIFICATION COMPLETED: Your documents have been verified.
  • PENDING COMPULSORY INTERVIEW: Your interview at the SASSA office is still pending.
  • READY FOR ADJUDICATION: Your interview is complete, eligible for grant approval.
  • APPROVED: Your SRD grant application has been approved.
  • REJECTED: Your SRD grant application has been rejected.
  • GRANT PAYMENT IN PROGRESS: Your first SRD grant payment is being processed.

What to Do If Your SRD Status Check shows “Application is Rejected”

If your SRD status shows as “rejected,” your application has been declined. Some common reasons for SRD grant rejection include:

  • Failing to meet the eligibility criteria
  • Incomplete documentation
  • False or misleading information on the application
  • Failed means test assessment
  • Another social grant is received by you or on behalf of your child

If your application is rejected, you can:

  • Request a reconsideration and submit additional information by visiting your nearest SASSA office.
  • Reapply for the SRD grant once you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Seek out other poverty relief programs that can assist you.

When to Expect Your First SRD Grant Payment

If approved, you’ll receive your first SRD grant payment in the month following your approval.

However, it can take 6-8 weeks from your application date to receive your first SRD grant payment. This is due to the processing and approval time required before SASSA can start your payment.

Payment dates also depend on when you applied and when your approval came through. Your SRD payments will continue for the approved period, usually 3-6 months.

SRD Grant Payment Dates

The SRD grant is paid on specific dates each month according to the last three digits of your ID number:

  • ID numbers ending in 0 – 1: Paid on the 3rd day of the month
  • ID numbers ending in 2 – 3: Paid on the 4th day of the month
  • ID numbers ending in 4 – 5: Paid on the 5th day of the month
  • ID numbers ending in 6 – 7: Paid on the 6th day of the month
  • ID numbers ending in 8 – 9: Paid on the 7th day of the month

For example, if your ID number ends in 5, your monthly SRD payment will be paid on the 5th of each month.

Providing Your Banking Details for SRD Payments

To receive your approved SRD grant, you need to provide your banking details to SASSA for the funds transfer.

You can provide and update your bank details in these ways:

  • Submit them when you apply for the SRD grant online.
  • Visit your nearest SASSA office and fill out a bank details form.
  • Call the SASSA call center on 0800 601 011.
  • Log in to your SASSA online account and update your “Banking Details” section.

Payment can be made into a personal bank account or a South African Post Office account. Always ensure your details are correct to avoid non-payment.

Grant Balance and Usage by SRD Status Check

You can check the balance of your SRD grant by:

  • Logging into your SASSA online account.
  • Visiting a SASSA office or Post Office.
  • Calling the SASSA helpline on 0800 601 011.

Through these platforms, you can also view your past SRD payments and grant usage history. This helps you keep track of your balance and spending.

The SRD grant is for providing your family’s most basic needs. It should be used to purchase food, clothing, shelter, medicine, transportation, etc. Using the grant for alcohol or gambling is prohibited.

Reporting Issues with Your SRD Grant

If you encounter any issues with your SRD grant such as non-payment, contact SASSA immediately to resolve it.

You can report SRD grant problems through:

  • The SASSA call center: 0800 601 011
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Your nearest SASSA office
  • SASSA fraud hotline: 0800 701 701

Provide all relevant details such as your ID, application details, and the issue experienced. SASSA will then investigate and work to resolve your SRD grant problems.


We hope this guide has helped you understand to how SRD status check online in South Africa. Be sure to monitor your application status closely and provide all requested documentation. If approved, ensure SASSA has your correct banking details so your SRD grant payment isn’t delayed.

The SRD grant provides much-needed temporary assistance if you’re struggling to make ends meet. Use the grant responsibly to support yourself and your family. Reach out to SASSA if you face any issues so that you continue receiving this vital financial relief.

You can find more information and assistance with the SRD grant program on the official SASSA website.

How do I check the status of my SRD grant application?

You can check your SRD status online through the SASSA portal using your ID and date of birth. Go to the SRD status check page to view your application status.

What are the different statuses I may see when I do an SRD status check?

The possible statuses are Pending Document Verification, Document Verification in Progress, Document Verification Completed, Pending Compulsory Interview, Ready for Adjudication, Approved, Rejected, and Grant Payment in Progress.

My SRD status still shows Pending Document Verification. What should I do?

If your SRD status check shows Pending Document Verification, you need to submit your supporting documents to SASSA for verification. Visit your nearest SASSA office to complete this.

How long after I apply will my SRD grant be approved?

It can take 6-8 weeks from your application date to receive approval. Check your SRD status regularly during this time.

Can I get an update on my SRD status over the phone?

Yes, you can call the SASSA call center on 0800 601 011 to get an update on your SRD status check and application.

I have been approved but have not received payment. What should I do?

If your SRD status check shows approved but you haven’t received payment, contact SASSA to update your banking details or resolve any payment issues.

Why has my SRD grant application been rejected?

Some reasons your SRD status may show rejected include incomplete documents, failing eligibility criteria, receiving other grants, or providing false information.

Where can I report issues with my SRD grant payments?

You can report issues with your SRD grant payments through the SASSA call centre, your nearest SASSA office, or the SASSA fraud hotline.

Can I change my banking details for SRD grant payment?

Yes, you can change your banking details for SRD payments by visiting your SASSA office, calling the SASSA call center, or updating your SASSA online account.

How often will I receive the SRD grant payment?

If approved, the SRD grant is paid monthly on specific dates according to the last digits of your ID number. Check your status regularly.

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  1. Mesiya

    Hi is possible to send my mom for my document becouse sassa want my bank statements and id copy

    1. mm
      Ruth Arendse

      Yes, Sassa does allow someone else to submit documents on your behalf. Here are some key points about submitting details to Sassa on someone else’s behalf:

      Sassa will accept documents from a designated proxy, rather than requiring the applicant themselves to submit documents in person.
      Your mom can serve as a proxy and submit your bank statements and ID copy, as long as you designate and authorize her to do so.
      When acting as a proxy, your mom should bring an authorization letter signed by you stating that she has permission to submit the documents on your behalf. A simple statement like “I authorize my mother [her name] to submit documents for my Sassa application” along with your signature.
      Your mom should also bring her own ID when submitting on your behalf. Sassa will verify her identity and authorization.
      Make sure your mom can answer any basic questions about your documents, application status, etc., as Sassa may ask for clarification. Provide any reference numbers to her.
      So in summary – yes Sassa does allow proxies like your mom – just be sure to have an authorization letter for her, and that she can properly identify the documents and application details.

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