NSFAS Provides Provisional Funding to Over 1 Million Students

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has announced that it has provisionally funded more than 1 million students for the 2024 academic year so far. This provisional funding will allow students from disadvantaged backgrounds to register at universities and TVET colleges while their final funding amounts are being processed.

According to NSFAS, the 1,093,475 students who have received provisional funding is an increase from the 892,936 students funded at the same point in 2023. The higher number demonstrates NSFAS’s commitment to expanding access to tertiary education for financially needy students.

The provisional funding covers allowances for food, travel, living expenses and accommodation where applicable. It ensures that students can begin their studies without disruption while they await confirmation of the full funding amounts they qualify for.

NSFAS emphasized that the provisionally funded students still need to provide outstanding documents to finalize their funding status. However, the initial funding allocation allows registration to proceed while each application is properly processed and verified.

With the rising cost of tertiary education, the NSFAS funding acts as a crucial mechanism to keep tertiary studies accessible. Many students simply cannot afford the costs without financial aid.

The over 1 million provisionally funded students can now focus on their academic year, as NSFAS works through finalizing each individual’s funding quotas and allowances based on their specific financial means criteria.

Ruth Arendse

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